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The Consumer and Financial Literacy Taskforce received over 60 submissions during its consultation period. Listed below are those who have given permission to have their submissions made public on our web site.

Important: The opinions expressed in the submissions are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Government or the Treasury.

Title PDF
ANZ Bank 42KB
Andex Charts 340KB
Australian Bankers' Association 148KB
Australian Consumers' Association 26KB
Australian National Training Authority 89KB
Australian Shareholders' Association Ltd 237KB
Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia Ltd 47KB
Australian Securities and Investments Commission 387KB
Australian Stock Exchange 23KB
Australian Stock Exchange - Feedback 37KB
Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers Inc. 243KB
Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association 145KB
Banking and Financial Industry Ombudsman - Cover Letter 52KB
Banking and Financial Industry Ombudsman - Submission 105KB
Baycorp Advantage 165KB
Baycorp Advantage - Appendix 1 955KB
Baycorp Advantage - Appendix 1a 826KB
Baycorp Advantage - Appendix 2 164KB
Brotherhood of St Laurence 43KB
Business Educators Australasia Inc 206KB
Business Educators' Association of Queensland Inc 79KB
Care Financial Counselling Service and Consumer Law Centre of the ACT 59KB
Care Financial Counselling Service and Consumer Law Centre of the ACT - Appendix 122KB
Commonwealth Consumer Affairs Advisory Council - Letter 45KB
Commonwealth Consumer Affairs Advisory Council - Submission 88KB
Consumer Credit Legal Centre (NSW) Inc. 83KB
Consumers' Federation of Australia 113KB
CPA Australia 42KB
Credit Union Services Corporation (Australia) Limited (CUSCAL) 70KB
Credit Union Services Corporation (Australia) Limited (CUSCAL) - Attachment 70KB
Commonwealth Bank Australia 122KB
COTA National Seniors 155KB
Department of Tourism, Fair Trading and Wine Industry Development, QLD Government 2.1MB
Department of Family and Community Services 122KB
Fair Trading Advisory Committee 62KB
Financial Basics 59KB
Finance First (partnership between YWCA NSW and Citigroup Australia) 45KB
Insurance Australia Group 60KB
Investment and Financial Services Association Limited 20KB
Independent Schools Council of Australia 23KB
Insurance Council of Australia 126KB
MasterCard International 1.3MB
Members Equity 129KB Pty Ltd 118KB Pty Ltd - attachment 952KB
Mortgage Industry Association Australia 23KB
National Advisory Committee on Ageing 52KB
National Disability Advisory Council 45KB
National Information Centre on Retirement Issues 207KB
NSW Financial Counsellors Association Inc. 22KB
Phone Choice 75KB
Securities Institute of Australia 78KB
The Shareholders' and Investors' Centre 222KB
The Smith Family 35KB
Traditional Credit Union 28KB
Wealth By Design 408KB
Wesley Mission 23KB
Westpac Banking Corporation 23KB
Individual - Anonymous 14KB
Individual - Curran, H 14KB
Individual - Gaskell, G 18KB
Individual - Houterman, B 58KB
Individual - Manning, R 45KB
Individual - Osman, R 118KB
Individual - Sharma, G 45KB
Individual - Teague, J 11KB
Individual - Wilson, J 12KB

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