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Gold Coast

The Taskforce held consultation meetings on the Gold Coast on 2 July 2004.

Paul Clitheroe was joined by Taskforce members John Keniry (rural and regional representative), David Deans (National Seniors) and Andre Lewis (Australian National Training Authority).

The audience included retirees who raised issues of concern for them such as how to maintain and maximise their retirement capital and income. The role of financial institutions and financial education in schools were also discussed with general agreement that it was important to integrate financial education into the school curriculum.

The importance of financial education

Eloise O’Mara is a third year university student in business and commerce. Eloise believes that even though the school curriculum is overcrowded, room should be made for financial education. While it was taught at her school, it was not stressed as being an important subject. Most of Eloise’s friends are proactive in learning about managing money and have set up long term savings accounts.


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Picture: Paul opens the Gold Coast meeting.
Paul opens the Gold Coast meeting.

Contact the Taskforce

The Australian Government has established the Financial Literacy Foundation which is building on the work of the Taskforce. Please visit the Foundation at