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Australian Consumers and Money — Discussion Paper

On 11 June 2004, the Consumer and Financial Literacy Taskforce released a discussion paper and sought community feedback

The discussion paper* is available for downloading or email order from the table below.

Submissions received have been published on this website. Submissions for the discussion paper are no longer being accepted.

Version Electronic version/s
Discussion Paper* — Consumer version
(20 pages)

PDF (2.2Mb)

Discussion Paper* — Full version
(103 pages - Chapters 1-4 and Appendices 1 and 2)

PDF (3.7Mb)


Stocktake spreadsheet
(Appendix 3 of full version)

Excel (990Kb)

Curriculum Corporation Report
(Appendix 4 of full version)

PDF (560Kb)

* - The Discussion Paper is a large document that may take up to 15 minutes to download depending on the speed of your Internet link. The most reliable way to download a large document is to right-click on the link, select Save Link/Target As… and save the document to your hard drive. To read this document, you will need a PDF viewer, such as Adobe Reader (version 4.0 or later).

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