Consumer and Financial Literacy Taskforce, Australian Government, The Treasury.


Australian Consumers and Money - Full Version

A Discussion Paper by the Consumer and Financial Literacy Taskforce June 2004
Executive summary

1 The problem

1.1 Consumers need to catch up
1.2 Common consumer problems

2 The consumer

2.1 The consumer experience
2.2 The Consumer Behaviour Model
2.3 The external environment
2.4 Socio-economic and demographic factors — our backgrounds
2.5 Personal characteristics — the things that are unique to us
2.6 Needs and aspirations — the things that are unique to us
2.7 Consumer life events — what we all face in life
2.8 Consumer skills — the things I can learn
2.9 How we get information

3 The information provider

3.1 Information provision — the people and organisations that assist consumers to make better decisions
3.2 Australia
3.3 Overseas experience
3.4 The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
3.5 The United States of America
3.6 The United Kingdom
3.7 Canada
3.8 New Zealand
3.9 Other countries and organisations

4 An integrated solution

4.1 The way forward
4.2 Putting the Consumer Behaviour Model into action through a central coordinating body


Appendix 1 Membership of the Consumer and Financial Literacy Taskforce
Appendix 2 Taskforce Terms of Reference
Appendix 3 The Consumer and Financial Literacy Information Stocktake
Appendix 4 Consumer and Financial Education in Australian Schools: A Report by the Curriculum Corporation

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